Davina Liffey

Davina Liffey is a British lady of mature age who has mostly been based in Brazil over the last 25 years. Professionally, she is a freelance translator (Portuguese to English) and English-language reviewer, specializing in publication of academic texts within the life sciences. She first came to Esprit in 2014, which was also her first time of being out to the world as Davina. It proved to be a life-changing experience and she has kept coming back for more ever since! In addition, outside of Esprit, she has increasingly been presenting as her true self. Davina has developed a certain reputation as a traveller and enjoys seeking out new places to visit as herself.

Davina presents:

Tuesday May 10 10:30AM: Davina's journey so far

I will describe how I became Davina and how Esprit was a major part of this. I will talk about how I ventured out into the world and will touch on my travels, which have been an integral part of the process of confirming myself in my identity as Davina. This talk is intended for everyone: from first-timers at Esprit to old friends.