SO Program - How do I trust again when I feel betrayed?

Presenter: Dotti Berry

SO Lounge, on Wed May 11 at 9:00AM

For SO's ONLY. For the Significant Other of the transgender partner, whether you are male, female, or questioning.

Join us in a safe space where you can delve into how trust, or lack of it, impacts your relationship.   If you’ve had the magic before in your relationship, you can return to the magic again.  Discover your inner light so that you can authentically share your fears.  Are you a SO who is currently experiencing this situation or one who has moved through this situation.  Come share your story so that others can benefit.

Whether you are a newbie or a person who is further along on your journey, you can be a sounding board for one another and use whatever is irritating you to become a beautiful Pearl!

Presenter Info

Dotti Berry, CEO of Training2Transform Global Communications. For details, see writeup under "Overview" session.