SO Program - Integrating the week's learning experiences or embracing your arrival as a couple at Esprit.

Presenter: Dotti Berry

SO Lounge, on Sat May 14 at 9:00AM

For transgender couples (all parties must attend)

You’ve been at Esprit and participating in our SO/Couples program for some of the sessions, for all of the sessions, or you have just arrived.  What Magic Pearl are you seeking and how will you use the “irritants” that enviably happen in your relationship to create your own Magic Pearl?

Join us. Listen, explore, embrace the “irritants” and be open with one another and with other couples.  Your feelings and your stories matter.  They are the basis of all Magic Pearls that are created, as you re-discover the light within and recapture the magic.

Presenter Info

Dotti Berry, CEO of Training2Transform Global Communications. For details, see writeup under "Overview" session.