SO Program - What type of intimacy do you want to reclaim as a couple?

Presenter: Dotti Berry

SO Lounge, on Fri May 13 at 2:00PM

For transgender couples (all parties must attend)

Your SOs had the opportunity to look at their feelings about reclaiming intimacy in our morning session and to consider what is most important to them.  Now is your opportunity to look at the varied components of intimacy for yourselves, and then for you all to discern as a couple where your priorities lie with one another.   Are you ready to take all of the “irritants” you have felt with one another and enable those “irritants” to create a new Magic Pearl in your relationship?  Are you willing to actually crack the egg open together vs waiting to fall off the wall like Humpty Dumpty? With so many different types of intimacy available, you have options and connecting on any one of these can connect you in new ways.  Isn’t it a relief to look at this list and discover how many wonderful options you have for intimacy?

  1. Moral Intimacy - Shared common vision of what is right & meaningful
  2. Emotional Intimacy - Being tuned into each other’s wavelength; willingness to acknowledge the other for whom he/she is without reservation, unafraid to show the real you without fear of repercussions or judgement.  
  3. Intellectual Intimacy - Sharing in the world of ideas & passions
  4. Aesthetic Intimacy - Sharing experiences of beauty, with compatibility showing through your ability to acknowledge tastes in music, theatre, decor, and then live with and impart together decisions which, though might not be precisely the same, still inspire one another.
  5. Creative Intimacy - Sharing in acts of creating together
  6. Recreational Intimacy - Sharing experiences of fun and play
  7. Crisis Intimacy - Closeness in coping with problems and pain
  8. Conflict Intimacy - Facing and struggling with differences and how to navigate any irreconcilable differences
  9. Commitment Intimacy - Mutuality derived from common investment
  10. Work Intimacy - Closeness of sharing common/differential tasks
  11. Spiritual Intimacy - Endeavoring to create we-ness in sharing ultimate concerns about one another,  humanity and our place in the world
  12. Communication Intimacy - The foundation and source of all types of authentic intimacy and the ability to speak to one another in the language which the other likes to receive information and input
  13. Physical Intimacy - shared touching in non-genital ways, including touching, hugging, and kissing
  14. Genital Intimacy - Erotic or orgasmic closeness
  15. Unconditional Intimacy - The hardest to attain - loving without reservation the person they are yesterday, today and tomorrow, without waiting for anything in return.  You love because you choose to love, not because you expect them to do the same.  You love in a way that opens up a space for them to return to you what you give to then.

Presenter Info

Dotti Berry, CEO of Training2Transform Global Communications. For details, see writeup under "Overview" session.