Storytime with Ginger

Organizer: Ginger Chien

Peninsula, on Sun May 19 at 11:45AM

As a great closing to our week together, Ginger Chien entertains us with a story or two. Her tales are always funny, touching and thought-provoking, and her engaging, personal style will captivate you from the outset. Please stay for this special treat and the end of our Farewell Brunch.

Presenter Info

I attended my first Esprit in 1999 and spent subsequent years trying new things. This has included volunteering at the Registration Desk, being a Big Sister, performing in the Talent Show, maintaining the Esprit website for a number of years, serving on the Scholarship Committee, and helping to plan Esprit each year. My main excitement at Esprit is rocking out with The Nasty Habits on the final weekend.

My other interests range from the dark to the sublime. On my shelves you'll find dark, disturbing movies and light-hearted children's books side by side. I love costumes, Play-Doh, and blowing into my dog's mouth to make her lips flap. I'm an open-mic storyteller and my stories about life, love, and being have been presented at professional and technical conferences around the country.

I transitioned in 2011 and am proud to work at AT&T Mobility, a company that has earned top honors from Diversity Inc. and 100% rating from HRC year after year, even against constantly evolving best-in-class measures of transgender benefits. If you're curious about how a best-in-class company carries out diversity policies, take a look here and here.