Esprit Ascot Races

Olympic/Juan de Fuca, on Thu May 16 at 7:00PM

The horses are real, the races are real, the fun is real! Only the money is play! Dress up in your fanciest hat - yes, there's a hat contest! (Need inspiration? Try here!)

Hone your betting skills and bring all your horse race savvy - and a healthy appreciation for the whimsical - to the Peninsula Room Tuesday night. You don't have to know anything about horse racing to have a great time! Your lovely and talented hoss boss and mistress of ceremonies Stephanie Mitchell will make sure you stay on track, regardless of what the horses get up to.

Our talented and beautiful decorators, coordinators, runners and counters are all Esprit attendees and all volunteer their time. Would you like to volunteer to help? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator now!

How it works:

We'll have a big screen onto which a series of professionally packaged, actual horse races and steeplechases will be shown (completely new races this year!). Everyone will be provided a starting amount of betting funds. In between races, you'll study the horses, check the odds, watch the horses parade before the race, and place your bets. The races are real, as is the excitement! Assorted prizes will be awarded to the evening's big winners and non-winners alike and there will be special prizes for the most outrageous and glamorous hats!

What to wear:

For fun, we encourage you to dress in the spirit of the Royal Ascot Racecourse. Think "My Fair Lady" and you'll be on the right track.

If you really want to be a stickler for the fashion police, here's how it's done: Ladies wear formal day dress and a hat that covers the crown of the head (since this is an evening event, evening wear is perfectly fine as well). Shoulders and midriff are traditionally covered and hems shouldn't be more than 2" above the knee. Stockings or tights are most proper. The Ascot is timeless and you may pick something stylish from any era.

And in our private room, you don't have to worry about your heels sinking into the turf!