Stephanie Avion Chix w Stix Pool Tournament

Organizer: Jan Jefferies

Elks Pool Room, on Mon May 13 at 6:00PM

Registration: 6pm
Play starts: 7pm

Pool tables have always gone hand in hand with adventure, vice, and women of mystery. Usually it's the men who own the room, but at Esprit things are a bit different.

Imagine a roomful of short-skirted hoochies competing fiercely for the prized title of Esprit Pool Tournament Champion. A 20's gangster moll here, a film noir femme fatale there, and a biker chick over by the bar...drop them all into a small pool hall, and you have the Annual Esprit Pool Tournament.

The Naval Elks Lodge hosts the tournament in their private pool room. There will be assistants to help run the tournament. The Elks has a no-host bar and will provide a taco bar for about $17.00.

This is a friendly tournament and everyone has plenty of opportunities to play regardless of skill level. We will follow the Official Rules of the BCA Pool League (with a few changes to better accommodate recreational play) and contact the pool tournament coordinator, if you have other questions.

Back at the Red Lion, many attendees also enjoy hanging out in the hotel bar which truly becomes one of the hottest and most interesting places in town during the week of Esprit.

The tournament was renamed in 2020/2021 in honour of Stephanie Avion, who served for many years on the Esprit Committee.