Slumber Party

Organizer: Dara Vink

SO Lounge, on Sat May 18 at 11:59PM

The Saturday night slumber party is a longstanding Esprit tradition. The Hospitality Suite begins to fill with ladies in nighties as the Saturday night graduation dinner and party draws to a close. Some snacks and pizza are usually available (as are a lot of leftover beverages that come crawling out of people's rooms). The room is usually filled to capacity and the evening is filled with lively moderated conversation, backrubs and footrubs, and more. A few diehards haul blankets and pillows to the room and stay as late as they can. The slumber party sets aside some time to share your experiences in a warm and respectful setting.

And who knows who else might show up? In 1999, a barbershop quartet was passing through the hotel late at night and stumbled onto the Saturday night slumber party. Doing what any gentlemen would do, they politely greeted the ladies in the hall and then proceeded to serenade the ladies with an impromptu performance.

You're welcome to wear anything in good taste and reason to the party. Some ladies simply pop in after the Saturday night party in their party outfits, chat for a few minutes, and disappear. Some choose to attend the slumber party in makeup; others choose to be comfortable and get cleaned up and dispense with the bra, wig, and other accessories they normally use when dressed. You may wish to lean somewhat to the more practical side if you plan on staying a while. Most of the seating consists of simple upright chairs, the floor, a counter, pillows/blankets, and perhaps a few seats on a sofa. You may be standing up and sitting down and shifting position frequently depending on how crowded the room gets and the activities that are going on. In addition, you may want to wear or bring something (such as a robe) that allows you to comfortably walk the length of the hotel to get back to your room for supplies or blankets.