Sunday Evening Ice Breaker

Peninsula, on Sun May 12 at 6:00PM

On Sunday evening there will be an icebreaker Cocktail Party for all of the early arrivals at Esprit. Snacks will be provided by Esprit and wine, beer and cocktails will be available from the no-host bar. The party starts early in the evening and is a great time to renew old friendships and see what folks have been up to since the last Esprit.

For first-time attendees this is a fabulous time to meet people and get charged up for the coming week! The party will be held in the Peninsula room.

Years ago, the Icebreaker was held in the patio on the water side of the restaurant. The patio is slightly sunken and has glass all the way around it so that the diners in the restaurant can see the water. The attendees in 2001 promptly named it "The Fishbowl"!

This is the traditional kickoff to the week of Esprit. While this icebreaker is pretty much the same each year, Esprit definitely is not. The week is just getting started and there is a full slate of fun.